AUSTRALIAN DESERT SPIRIT JOURNEYS, INC is committed to sharing the awe and wonder of the desert regions of Australia. We believe that an outward journey to the desert is an opportunity for an inward journey to our deepest self.

We are a not-for-profit incorporated association providing opportunities for people to experience the benefits of exploring spirituality through engaging in desert spirit journeys and related activities.


Jo, 2016 2017, Sydney

I had no idea what to expect when I went on my first desert journey, I just had a sense that I knew I needed to go. So, despite my fears, I borrowed a sleeping bag, left my kids behind and went.  Turns out it is probably the best thing I have done to take care of myself in many, many years.  I loved being outside, seeing the stars, the sunset and wide open spaces. I loved the balance of fun and play and laughter alongside moments of profound depth and silence in a context of overwhelming natural beauty. I loved sitting around the campfire, hearing others share their stories, embracing the invitation to be present, to be changed, to see things a little differently. Spending time with others with a sense of shared journeying.

It wasn’t so much about giving me something new to take back with me, but that my time away  helped me to see what I already had, what I already knew. I was able to slow down long enough to hear myself, to be honest and take the time to sit with that.


JULIE, 2017, perth

This journey made me stop and listen. The blue sky was endless and it seeped into my soul. I would feel as if our vehicle was a bubble floating in slow motion through roof high spinifex. We met a convoy travelling in the opposite direction, the first people we had seen in five days of isolation. While chatting with these strangers, I met someone who was also dealing with Multiple Sclerosis.  We just couldn’t help it that we were both drawn into an incredibly intense conversation... a completely random and unexpected connection with another human being in the midst of endless desert! I was buzzing from this experience for the rest of the day.


Gordon, 2016 2017, Perth

Someone famous said that the best things in life can not be talked about and the second best things in life are always misunderstood so we settle for the third best things like talking about sport and politics.  Any attempt to describe the wonder of the landscape or the settling of the soul in solitude and nature would be futile.  Some experiences in life are beyond language. Don’t settle for the third best things in life.



This year’s journey leaves Perth on June 24 and heads northeast to Mt Elvire, and Lake Barlee. We return via the spectacular banded ironstone of the Helena and Aurora Ranges, arriving back in Perth on June 30 or July 1.

Perth to Lake Barlee

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