At the heart of it, what is a Desert Spirit Journey?

Our journeys and activities seek to promote a range of important themes, particularly the importance of:

  • The ongoing process of spiritual formation, of connecting with our own spirit, and with God’s spirit.
  • Reflecting deeply on questions of personal purpose and how we may seek to make a difference with our lives.
  • An openness to listening as a way of being, to hearing the story of the land, other peoples’ stories and, in the process, to discovering our own story.
  • Providing participants with an experience of authentic caring community that demonstrates both the value of working together and the possibilities of learning from each other.
  • Self discovery. We are all on an ongoing journey therefore we seek always to become more whole and integrated.
  • Developing patterns of life and living that are sustainable, whether it be to do with how we live on our land, or to do with how we organise our lives.
  • The development of personal creativity and deeper access to the creative forces we all possess.
  • Of discomfort as a teacher, welcoming adversity and finding keys to resilience.

Acknowledgement to Peter Kaldor and Ian Robinson, two of the founders of the Spirit Journeys movement in Australia. These notes were compiled from documents written by these two in 2006


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